APW Partners – Upholding the global fiduciary standard of excellence

APW Partners was established on the principles of integrity, professionalism and exceptional client service. Importantly, we are also deeply committed to continuous improvement within our organisation particularly with regards to doing what is best for our clients. It is dedication to this objective that prompted us in 2016 to engage CEFEX, the Centre for Fiduciary Excellence, to audit our internal processes.

CEFEX is an independent global assessment and certification organisation. Its mission is to promote and verify excellence by assessing and certifying conformity to high professional standards of conduct.

Every year since 2016, we have undertaken a comprehensive and rigorous independent review to demonstrate that we fully conform to the high standards as defined by our professional bodies, industry regulators, legislative requirements and global fiduciary best practices.

Our CEFEX certification means we understand the importance of having a documented investment process, thereby helping promote our client’s confidence that their investment strategies are being prudently recommended, formalised, implemented and monitored. Additionally, we are being annually monitored by an independent third party, which effectively helps us manage our fiduciary obligations to our clients.

Importantly, we are currently only one of 7 wealth management firms in Australia to have achieved this certification.

We wanted to share this with you as we believe that our CEFEX certification is yet another way we can tangibly demonstrate that serving our clients’ best interests is our highest priority.

The video below provides a succinct summary of the benefits of working with a CEFEX-certified adviser:

If you have any further questions regarding our certification, we welcome to opportunity to discuss with you further.

The team at APW Partners